Specialized Sectors

Public sector and Government

When it comes to consumer data, our top priority is keeping Personally Identifiable Information (PII) safe. With the thorough analysis, we ensure that your consumer data is safe and protected from any malicious attacker.


With Gambling being a critical sector involving financial transactions and private customer data, SH1ELD Mobile specializes in Gambling application testing. With not only the general application tests in the client side and server side, SH1ELD will also test critical gambling logic and PII protection.


With SH1ELD Mobile's special User Role - Workflow integration, we make sure that every business use case and privilege level of users is tested for technical and logical flaws. Have multiple applications for different kinds of users, SH1ELD's workflow mapping will integrate these use cases for a comprehensive analysis.


SH1ELD Mobile incorporates an internal checklist for testing security of E-Commerce applications. Apart from the general static and dynamic analysis, your application will be tested separately for business logic loopholes and with complete patch assistance, we will make sure that you get secure in no time.

Food & Drink

Online food service being a very common utility now a days makes it necessary to include e-payments, wallets and transactions in your application. With SH1ELD Mobile's internal checklist for Financial Transactions combined with PCI-DSS compliance testing, ensure that there are no cracks in your financial infrastructure

Mobile payments

Complete black box testing for your mobile payment app with over 50 customized use cases for E-payment solutions, across which your app will be tested. Just Upload and hit Scan, and within minutes, you will start receiving vulnerability reports.


End to end testing for your MHealth app across HIPAA Compliance combined with custom controls for Mhealth Applications to ensure that the app is secure across all endpoints with special focus on keeping the Protected Heath Information(PHI) safe.

Banking and Finance

With PCI-DSS compliance testing combined with our custom checklist - BB_BANKING83, SH1ELD Mobile will ensure that your Banking/Finance application is tested across global standards for both static client side security checks and dynamic analysis for server side technical and business logical flaws.


Increase the trust of customers on your communication application with SH1ELD Certified Secure Communication Medium - A comprehensive checklist built across the global standards of secure communication that we will check your application against and provide realtime support for bug patching and security implementations.


All basic checks against your Dating application to ensure both client side security of your application and server side security for your API architecture to ensure that no PII is leaked from any endpoint.