What is SH1ELD ?

A SaaS Based Tool that pen-tests over 200 vulnerabilities automatically.

Integrated with Staging + Production environments to be a part of your SDLC.

Add/Change code & SH1ELD will test it 'auto-magically'.

Produces an actionable report with result, so you can patch immediately.

Enabled with machine learning & AI. It learns on the go and optimizes scans according to the app structure.

Who We Are ?

Core Team

The core team comprises of the top hackers on the halls of fame at companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, UBER, AT&T, DropBox, Slack, Adobe, Yahoo, Vimeo, Microsoft, AirBnB, Amazon, Basecamp, Etsy, Evernote, Zynga, Nokia, BlackBerry, Barracuda, ConstantContact … and the list goes on!

Funded by

SH1ELD has been funded by Lloyds Ventures to the tune of USD 5 Million in the first tranche.

Our Clients